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Small-Scale Grading Service

Affordable Pricing

The prices of Lincoln Lawncare are always affordable. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and our superior service. All jobs start off with a FREE estimate so that you will know exactly what you'll receive before the first shovel even hits the ground!

Locally-Owned Lawncare Providers

Lincoln Lawncare offers small-scale grading to customers in the Muscatine, IA area. Our commercial and residential services save you the hassle of having to deal with bigger, more expensive companies. Our crew can do all the backhoe work, small-scale leveling, and rough grading services with a higher attention to detail and a more personalized service than other companies.

Small Grading Services

• Rough grading

• Small-scale leveling

• Gravel fill spreading

• Soil fill spreading

Insured Contractors

Take confidence in your lawncare contractor when you call Lincoln Lawncare. Our service is completely insured and we also have a long list of references that we can provide you upon request!

Save on Your Service

Your small-scale grading project will start off, like all of our jobs do, with a FREE estimate. At Lincoln Lawncare, we take it a step further and we'll offer you 10% OFF on your next aeration or grading service!

*This offer is limited to one per household.